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The Life and Death of Man and Beast No two characters are exactly alike. Some, when compared, seem eerily similar; others show themselves to be complete opposites. In the case of the two following characters, there is a healthy mix of similarity and difference. The characters of Shlomo Wiesel from Elie Wiesel’s Night and Boxer the horse from George Orwell’s Animal Farm appear at first to have nothing in common, but the causes of their deaths, their determination to work, and their realistic attitudes are near matches when closely observed. The first character to be discussed is Shlomo Wiesel from Elie Wiesel’s book, Night. Throughout the story, he reveals himself to be a realistic man and slowly grows weaker towards his impending demise. The elder Wiesel is originally an optimist, and he is not afraid of the…show more content…
Wiesel, though less capable than Boxer, uses what little strength he has to perform the tasks required of him. The author recounts that even after all of his father’s practice to march in time, “…my father’s progress was still inadequate, and blows continued to rain down on him” (Wiesel 36). Boxer also does more than his share of the work at Animal Farm, rising forty-five minutes before all of the other animals and even working in his free time. This lifestyle contributes directly to his death, as indicated in an online article assessing the horse’s life: “He is so weak from starvation and trying to rebuild the windmill that he is useless” (Shmoop, “Boxer (a horse) in Animal Farm”). After he collapses during work, the pigs send him off to his slaughter since he can no longer work for them. Shlomo Wiesel faces a similar fate; one of the officers in charge of him sees how weak and useless he has become due to starvation, illness, and overexertion. This leads to the officer killing Wiesel with a blow to the

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