Examples Of Justice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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“We were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win.”(101, Lee). A hundred years ago, in order to solve the problems of the American civil war, President Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. But one hundred years later, the black people were still suffering from all kinds of racial discrimination events. In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, what was really being killed is the justice and the sense of right and wrong. Atticus, father of Jem and Scout, tries to hang on to his sense of right and wrong when the system failed him. He chose to defend for a innocent black man named Tom Robinson, although he knows it is not a smart move and no one would understand him. In Atticus’ world, there is no black and white, only love and peace. He loves every person: his neighbors, those struggling black people, and poor people who cannot pay him for his work… He loves to help people to fight for justice even is there is no return. By having a wonderful father, Jem grow up under the good influence of Atticus, he becomes a kind, brave, and responsible son and older brother. When Tom Robinson’s trial occurs, he was gradually grow into a young man, the trial was a deadly blow for his beliefs. However, that whole event helped him to build his sense of…show more content…
In the book, Boo represents one of the mockingbird. Boo has never really hurt anyone, instead, he secretly helped Jem and Scout a lot. Like a mockingbird, Boo and Tom keeps helping people but they have never hurt anyone. When Scout wants to mash the roly-poly bug, Jem didn’t let her and he said: “Because they don’t bother you.”(320, Lee). The bug did nothing to harm anyone, like Tom and Boo, they should not suffer or die. Since then, Jem is able to differentiate right and wrong, and he is able to see the good in
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