Where I Belong Short Story

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Where I Belong Chapter One: The Feeling Her name is Katie Bonkerman, she is a girl… not just any standard girl. I arrive at my locker and check my schedule. Another tiresome session of health in Mr. Peterson’s class. As I walked to class, I unexpectedly feel an instant second of dizziness and fear. Then it stops and I feel better. Maybe it is just my thoughts. I walk into Mr. Peterson’s fridge feeling temperature room, and then I sit on my desk on in the front row of the classroom. I take out my notebook and start taking notes of what Mr. Peterson is saying. I look at the clock hanging beside my desk. 10 more long and boring minutes. Normally, I would start doodling in my notebook. But today’s topic was pretty interesting, we were learning about cancer. For some weird reason I got into this topic and those 10 minutes just flew by. The lunch bell started ringing and I walked to my locker to put my stuff in there and I saw my friend Ely Smith coming by. “Hey Katie! How were your classes?” asked Ely. I replied, “Well just right now I had health class with Mr. Peterson and guess what? The topic of today’s class was cancer, and I…show more content…
Then that’s when I noticed Laura was cradling me. I feel the warmth of her cradling on her delicate arms. We quickly ran away from the broken and fallen apart house. We ran out of the village and walked for a very long time. I see another village and we head there. We get to the front steps of a cottage and the man places me down on the front steps of the cottage. They slowly walk away and never look back until I don’t see them again. I small drop of water comes out of my eyes. I couldn’t believe anything I was seeing, I knew it was a dream but it seems so real, so emotional. The way everything appeared in my sight. The wind blew by, and I felt the coldness of it. I felt lonely, miserable and helpless. Then I heard the door behind me slowly
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