Literary Lenses In The Necklace

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Literary Lenses play an important part in analysing and understanding short stories it help the reader understand the content in many different ways. A short story can be read by various readers and each reader can have a different interpretation of the short story. The literary lenses provide us with an opportunity to understand and see other views that we might have not been able to see on our own. The Necklace written by Guy Maupassant utilizes many literary lenses but the most evident ones are Marxist criticism, which shows that society is made up of different classes the upper and lower class. Marxism believes that the bourgeoisie, which was the dominant class, was in control of the proletariat class which was comprised of worker.…show more content…
Mathilde is incapable of deciding for herself and lives in a society that is patriarchal and heterosexual where men are in power and prevent women to rise up to their full potential. In The Necklace Marxism is evident throughout the story. There are values, beliefs, and concepts which vary depending on the class you belong to. One can see an economic status differences between Mr. and Mme. Loisel and Mme. Forrestier. Mr. and Mme. Loisel are part of the Proletariat class they cannot afford to live the bourgeois lifestyle. They are oppressed by the bourgeois class because they fight for a better way of life. On the other hand Mme. Forrestier is part of the bourgeois class. Her necklace validates her status which we later learn that it is not real but in fact fake which shows how perception is very important. Mme. Loisel wants to belong to the upper class and would have in fact been able to do so but because she takes that opportunity that was presented to her she loses all other possibilities of realizing her dreams of belonging to the bourgeois class. Mme. Loisel believes that a woman as beautiful as her should not have had to marry below her class ``feeling herself born for every delicacy and

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