Supertoys Last All Summer Long Essay

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Literature and cinema This paper aims is to analyze the process of adapting the short story “Supertoys last all summer long” written by the British author Brain Aldiss into a full length movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence directed by Steven Spielberg. We have three types of adaptation loose, faithful and literal adaptation. The procces of adapting the short story “Supertoys last all summer long” is a loose adaptaion. In a loose adaptation, the director tend to use only the idea of the story, situations or characters to make the movie that is a bit similar to the original text. So here in the movie the director made a several changes added new characters he even blended the idea of since fiction with children’s bedtime stories and fairytales like “Pinocchio”.…show more content…
The family live in a overcrowded world and they must when something called parenthood lottery as a qualification to get a child “Pressure of population was such that reproduction had to be strict, controlled. Childbirth required government permission” (Aldiss 2011). When the family got the happy news winning the lottery David is no use to them anymore, “Is David malfunctioning?” To Henry’s question, Monica gives a quick and cold answer: “His verbal communication-center is still giving trouble. I think he’ll have to go back to the factory again” (Aldiss 2001). The story offers a pessimistic vision of the future world humans lost their humanity and a world where robots are created to fill their empty lives. As for the movie the process of adaptation several changes will be added by turning a short story into a full-length movie. At the beginning of the movie we listen to a voice over giving us important background information about the future world, some of this info is presented in aladiss’s story like over population,

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