Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Literary Analysis

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As we examine the foundation of the story a conflict can be understood throughout the complexion of the state of being sexual. "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" occurs inside ‘60s middle class territory, an interval where carnal scruples were examined, juvenile involvement in sexual activity was passionately deliberated, and the established functions intended for females were opposed. Within Joyce Carol Oats drama concerning the emotional facets of sexual potency affecting the womanly pubescent central character and the masculine marauder, there is an investigation into what way the exploitive approach with regard to sexual roles inside conventional civilization simply endanger a female's discernment of personality and occurs moreover…show more content…
As she keeps her mind on her beloved broadcasting demonstration, Connie is “bathed in a glow of slow-pulsed joy that seemed to rise mysteriously out of the music itself…”(Oats 508). A description that intensely portrays a surreal method, the elated and gratified reactions that are retained when taking pleasure in composition. Oats yet again combines melody that brands Connie’s contentment by way of a radiance that is similarly correlated with satisfaction and adoration. Respectively, the chromatic metaphors are likewise bracketed in how Arnold Friend materializes to the 15 year old Connie. Synchronization remains during "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" and enacts a suggestive responsibility within the course of altercations. Harmony now occurs in the same way as a bond before the entrance amid self-image and empathy. Connie senses autonomy anyplace music exists—she takes note of the song, as there is enjoyment in the interest she collects as well as her recently discovered self-determination. It is the pieces of music, which obscure the periphery involving prudence and aspiration and permits Connie intemperance. As Connie challenges Friend, there transpires numerous instances where she observes him employing song-lyrics and in return feels him to be more credible. Again, showing composition having the status of an escort, which directs Connie toward visceral

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