Brutus And Marc Anthony

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One of the defining characteristics of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar was the contrast between Brutus' and Marc Antony's speeches on the death of Julius Caesar. These two characters Brutus and Marc Antony both made speeches regarding the assassination of Julius Caesar with different ways of reaching the audience. The two characters presented interesting and important speeches. Shakespeare's play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar presents a comparison of Brutus' and Marc Antony's speeches, showing how both of their speeches reveal their characters and how they had an impact on the plot. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Caesar is assassinated and Brutus is the first one to present his speech to make the citizens understand why he was one of the conspirators…show more content…
Brutus' speech convinced the citizens of Rome to avenge Caesar's death, which caused a rebellion. It wasn't enough for the people because he didn't connect with their emotions personally, his speech was very formal and was told through logic and reasoning. His speech was more directed to the Romans which he used to justify his reasons for killing Caesar. Brutus’ speech was direct and precise while Marc Antony’s was sentimental and moving. Marc Antony's speech effected the crowd more because he was being genuine and he shared his love for Caesar with the people. The similarity between the two speeches is that they both cared about Caesar. Both men spoke effectively and their goal was convince the crowd of their point of views on the assassination of Caesar. Although Brutus didn't present his speech emotionally, he was still able to convince the crowd using logos and at that point the people wanted to crown him king. Antony sympathizes and cries with the crowd, his speech was more dramatic. He also tells them a list of good deeds Caesar has done and that when he dies the people will be the inheritors which showed them how honorable he

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