Julius Caesar's Double Life

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Living the Double Life The different sides of the characters in Julius Caesar are mostly strategic. All the politicians are ambitious, so in terms of the plot, the characters use multiple personalities as an advantage. Also, dual natures create conflict in the story because the characters’ personalities contrast with each other. However, another reason Shakespeare didn’t always make the personalities direct is because he wanted us to have our own theatrical ideas. He left room between characters for our own interpretations. Mark Antony has two different personalities. There is the one side of him that is hungry for revenge because he is a friend of Caesar. Yet, the other side of him is a sly, skillful politician, who uses Caesar’s death as…show more content…
His two sides were crucial for us as readers because this was how we decided whether the murder of him was justified or not, regardless of the conspirators true intentions. We know the conspirators were cruel, but throughout the play, Caesar’s actions sent us mixed signals about his own ambition. The two sides of Caesar are his arrogant, possible ambitious side, and his wise side. Of course, if he was going to be the ruler of Rome, the senators would only like to see his wise side, and there were many moments in the play where he speaks wisely. However, the senators fear his other side. When Caesar succeeds, he becomes more overconfident, which scares the senators because if he is overconfident and has power, he may abuse his power. This was their justification for the murder, therefore making us readers consider whether or not it was actually a good idea to kill Caesar. His ambitious nature was judged over his wise nature. Obviously most of the senators had ambitions themselves, and were simply jealous of his popularity and power. But Caesar’s personality and actions proved their external judgment to be true, therefore, allowing us to consider their…show more content…
Julius had ideas about fate, and how everything happens for a reason, meanwhile, Mark was an opportunist who carefully planned every moment of his life and controlled his own fate. Caesar’s ambitious nature got him killed because his actions were not smart. He sometimes careless about what he said and did because he thought he was above all. But Mark’s ambitious nature put him ahead because everything he said was planned carefully. He understood what was happening around him, and used it to his advantage, while Julius was oblivious. Furthermore, Mark was a manipulator, while Caesar was being manipulated. Both of their ambitious sides are what defined them most, but their other sides also asserted other ideas and

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