Secrecy And Deceit In Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

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Secrecy and deceit surrounds each of us. The government, the media, and technology have each of us in the tight clenches of their grasp, and have cast us into the shadows of reality. Even in our world today, Plato’s allegory relates to our society as we allow the media, government, and technology to influence what we deem important and our decision making. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave tells of prisoners sitting in a cave from their birth, bound in shackles so they cannot move, not even their heads. A fire crackles behind them and casts shadows on the wall as the prisoners are left to only guess at what these images could be. Until one day, one of them breaks free from their shackles and gets their very first glimpse of the outside world. All their lives they were fed deceit and lies about what ‘Truth’ really is. But now that one has escaped and has seen for himself what the ‘Truth’ really is; he wishes to share his newfound knowledge and insight with the rest of the prisoners. However, they do not welcome the newfound knowledge and threaten the enlightened one if…show more content…
The government hides mostly everything from us; they control what the public is aware of, and we never challenge their authority and motives, so we stay in the same ignorant state we always have been. Americans especially are very proud of our heritage and all the good that we do and have done for so long that we refuse to believe that our government could be doing anything wrong. The problem is, our precious government hides the truth behind most of its dealings. Benghazi, Watergate, and countless other events have resulted in the truth being hidden from us by our government. But people are so comfortable with the way things are – just like the prisoners who refused to be released – that they do not question the motives and actions of our officials. We are prisoners of our own laziness and

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