Beowulf: A Hero's Journey

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Every story has a hero. Every hero has a story to tell. Every hero goes on a journey where they undergo a heroic change. All heroes have been through “The Threshold of Adventure”. Beowulf has collective heroic characteristics such as humanitarianism which leads him to accept the call to adventure, bravery which leads him to pursue Grendel and his mother, and strength that leads to the defeat of all monsters he fights. His heroic qualities lead him on this great quest where he undergoes a significant change that makes him accept that all things must come to end and his journey soon will come to its ending. Beowulf like any other hero has a story that’s worth telling. For the most part a hero would not be hero if they did not have compassion. First, Beowulf illustrates humanitarianism when he answers the call to the adventure. Beowulf is known for always coming to the rescue when it is most needed. “…Would sail across the sea to Hrothgar, now when help was need” (Beowulf, p.51, ll. 96). This shows that Beowulf, on his own will, heard these people needed help and pursued to do right. Beowulf did not want anyone…show more content…
In the beginning people doubted Beowulf’s strength to conquer. In the end he proved them wrong. “He came to rip him apart, his body to bits with powerful jaws” (Beowulf, p.56, ll.299). This was the battle with Grendel. This is where Beowulf ripped Grendel’s arm off with his bare hands. Beowulf was physically strong, very strong. “And struck with all the strength he had left” (Beowulf, p.61, ll.493). Beowulf was strong and never gave up on his opponent during a battle. No matter how tired he got he kept fighting until he was the victor. Beowulf was determined to get his victory. “Caught her in the neck and cut it through” (Beowulf, p.61, ll.494). Beowulf used a sword that granted him with an advantage to kill Grendel’s mother. In addition that was his job to bring peace to the

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