George Washington's History: Westmoreland, Virginia

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George Washington Born Place: Westmoreland,Virginia Birth date: February 22, 1732 Death date: December 14, 1799 Place of death: Mount Vernon, Virginia Washington served as a general and commander-in-chief of the colonial armies during the American Revolution. He was the first president of the United States and the most important. His family held some distinction in England and was granted land by Henry VIII. Much of the family’s riches was lost during the Puritan revolution and in 1657 George’s grandfather, Lawrence Washington, migrated to Virginia. Augustine Washington acquired many things such as land and slaves. Not much is known about George Washington’s childhood which contained most of the Important events on his whole entire life. George…show more content…
Washington was one of the richest people in Virginia at that time. His experience during war was bad an embarrassing and poorly trained troops he had a really bad year in the American Revolution war. Washington applied for a commission with the British army but it was declined. Then he applied back and got accepted, and returned to the War. George promised to keep his lands with his wife. He loved hunting foxes, fishing and cotillions and many other animals. While he kept 100 slaves he was said to dislike the institution. Though the British Proclamation Act of 1763—prohibiting settlement beyond the Alleghenies—irritated him and he opposed the Stamp Act of 1765, Washington did not take a leading role in the growing colonial resistance against the British until the widespread protest of the Townshend Acts in 1767.George Washington was a great man at that time and people want it him as a king but he said no. He made something called a president. Presidents can’t abuse powers such as making people do things. He made one of the most important documents of United States called the constitution, if the constitution didn’t exist our whole country will be changed into different types of

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