What Makes Descartes Dream Argument

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In the‘The First Medition” , Descartes discusses the Dream Argument. He starts it by saying “ I have found that the senses deceive and it is prudent never to trust completely those who have deceived us even once”. Descartes has been deceived by his senses before. We have learned to never trust someone or something that has deceived us before. Therefor we should not trust our senses. He defends his argument by discussing being awake and dreaming. He mentions that he is in his dressing-gown , sitting by the fire. But often when he is sleeping , he dreams about the same event and it makes him believe that its real. Meaning that he cannot differentiate being asleep or awake. The images we see in our dreams are images we have experienced in real life. When we see a painting , we automatically believe that we have never seen it before.But some part of it is real like shapes and colors and drown by real experience.…show more content…
He is doughting even the smplest thing. “ God would not allowed me to be decieved in this way since he is said to be supremely good. But if it were incoslistent with his goodness to have created me such that I am decieved all the time , it would seem eaually foreign to his goodness to allow me to be decived even occasiomnaly.” According to the quote se says that God is good and powerful , and not such think would fool him. Therefore , God would not create human being to believe and full by their own senses but theseis clearly not rue. If God doen not exist . nor is a highepercentage of being decieved because imperfect senses would not be created by a perfect creator. After going back to his arguments , descartes tried to believe that his opinions are not true because he wonted to think normally and balance them. Therefore, He believes that an evil demon had disived him to believe that every thing he knowa is falce. By doughting everything , he would not be decieved by any”evil

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