Descartes's Dreaming Argument

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Dream argument requires a standard that can let us distinct whether we are dreaming or awake. Since Descartes consider there are no reliable mark between dream and reality. We can’t provide sufficient reasons to distinguish the real feeling and the dreaming. Dream argument still has some deficiency. Dream is based on the substantive things from our real life. Descartes’s dreaming argument is in his first meditation: “what can be doubt.” Descartes states that he always tricked by the experience in his dream because the experience in his dream is so similar as in waking life. Then he assumes that we cannot have tell whether we are in the dream or not. And also the events that happened in waking life could happen in your dream. The example stated…show more content…
For example, what we see from our eyes, and what we touch by our hands. But Descartes said people may deceive by these organs, the feelings se have maybe is just the illusion. Even though dream and reality is not easy to distinguish. In the first meditation, Descartes use eyes and hands as example, is there is no real hands and eyes exist, then how do people have the illusion in dream? What people thinking or feeling are both based on the reality. Let’s make painters and movies as example, the paintings and the scene are all in people’s imagination, and these imaginations are all based on the things in reality. Things appear in dream is always common in life, but there are many things in really life that do not appear in dream. In addition, while we are dreaming, sometimes we can know exactly that we are dreaming, when we are awake, we can know that we are not dreaming. Moreover, watching movies or reading books have similar situation with dream, we can distinguish whether we are watching movies of reading books, we should also be able to distinguish whether we are dreaming or awake. Furthermore, dream scenario has no continuity, but while we are awake, our life is continuous. For instance, I dreamt that took plane and went to Britain last night, but when I awoke this morning, I am still on my bed in America. That would be easy to tell whether I was dreaming or

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