Argument Of The Matrix By Rene Descartes

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Everyone dreams as they sleep, some will remember and others do not. There are different kind of dreams such as having a nightmare and wanting to wake up. Besides having a nightmare, there are dreams that no one wants to wake up since it feels like he or she is living the perfect life in a fantasy world. People know that dreams are not real, but some may have felt that they are dreaming and turns out they’re not. A French philosopher Descartes claims that one cannot know if we are dreaming. According to Falzon, Descartes mentions that there is not a sign that can point out the difference of being awake from being asleep (26). One would answer by saying that there are several ways to prove that we are all wide awake and not dreaming. Some explanations will include with having the sound of the alarm clock going off or maybe waking up to the…show more content…
Descartes arguments could be easily understood and supported through movie, The Matrix. Falzon mentions the dream argument questions the reality world we live in may not be real at all, but we may be experiencing a dream world instead (29). For example, Neo a character from the movie finds himself talking to Morpheus who explains what the matrix is. Morpheus explains him that the matrix is everywhere but Neo is being blinded from the truth. He goes on my telling him that he is a prisoner of his own mind and the only way to see the real world is to see it for his own self. As the movie goes on, it is possible to say what Morpheus is saying to Neo is maybe false. How could someone approach a person and say that what were are living is all fake? In order to believe someone, we would need proves and if it is credible then it is more likely we will take their word for it. The Matrix keeps supporting Descartes argument by having Neo experiencing the dream world first and then waking up to reality with the help of the other characters in the

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