Absolutism Vs Relativism Essay

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Ryan Pehrson Phil 2050 9/14/15 Absolutism and Relativism In this essay, I argue that the choice between moral absolutism and moral relativism is a false dilemma. “Absolutism is a more significant source of moral uncertainty than is relativism because moral absolutism promises more than it can deliver and distracts us from acknowledging genuine sources of moral responsibility” (Furrow, 195). Furrow argues between the two that moral absolutism may result in relativism when founded upon religious grounds. Furrow perceives a false dilemma, and I will argue why this is a false dilemma. Relativism is the view that all points are equally valid and all truth is relative to the individual. It is a philosophical position where all moral positions, all religious systems, political movements, etc., are truths that are relative to the individual. Moral aspect is morals are…show more content…
Plato’s description of the cave “represents our human intellect trapped inside a desiring body bound to a particular place and time, too distracted by worldly concerns to comprehend timeless and universal truths” (Furrow, 195). This is saying that humans don’t comprehend the truth. We are too distracted by society. We don’t exit the cave because we decorated its walls with overwhelming desires, which distract the intellectual. Which do you agree with? Do you believe morality is a subjective set of designated guidelines ingrained by one society to keep order, or are there absolute, universal ethical codes of conduct all must adhere to? Should all be treated equally or does that only apply to your country? It is a false dilemma between a world of nothing buy grays and a world with only black and white. Moral behavior is imprinted in us by nature. We are social animals. We posses a set of certain guidelines to allow social structures to be formed, for example illegalizing murder, the haulocast,

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