What Is Willy Loman's View Of The American Dream

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Being successful and achieving greatness is everyone’s dream. We don’t all try to pursuit that dream the same way. We may also have a different view on how to obtain that specific goal or dream. In this case, we look at Willy Loman, and his view on the American Dream. He believes that if you’re well liked then you’ll get everything you want in life handed to you. With that being said, his pride and ego won’t let him see the reality of the situation he’s in. This philosophy is proved wrong, and gives no great returns from life. Throughout the book/play we see how Willy Loman lives a miserable life, of regret and denial because of his philosophy on life and how to achieve true happiness. Early in the play, we see how Willy’s philosophy of the American Dream creates his situation with his family. His pride keeps him stuck in this mindset and only creates downfall for Willy and his family, he mostly clashes with his son Biff because of the fact he’s done nothing important with his life. But Willy never realizes that’s he’s the reason his sons are failures. He starts to go against his son by trying to criticize him and ask about his money situation. When he says “I simply asked if he was making any money. Is that a criticism?”(Arthur Miller pg.15) He only does this because knows that he is not making money with making the long trips that…show more content…
“Charley offers Willy a job out of pity because Willy has lost his job and now has no source of income to pay his bills. When Willy becomes angered, his ego fights off his feeling of failure”. (Cassel) Willy denies the job because he doesn’t want to accept the fact that his view on how to achieve the American Dream. He gets angry because he does not want to look foolish because he’s thought this for most of his

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