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Lilian Nguyen Hollingsworth ERWC 15 May 2015 Title Slot Bob Dylan had once said “No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.” which unexpectedly connects with the novel of George Orwell, 1984. Orwell illustrates a totalitarian dystopian world where the people in power, The Party, feed what is real; suppressing thoughts and extinguishing freedom. This is done by fabricating fear through propaganda, unspoken laws, and the never ending espionage. A person or group cannot completely decide what is real or not because in the end, the good truth prevails. Propaganda is a very powerful and deadly weapon that the Party uses to control how their citizens think, increasing morale and making them believe that what the Party tells them is…show more content…
(Orwell, 7) is one of the slogans of the book. To convince the citizens that what they want is already there is the idea behind the slogan. They are to believe that anything they, not what the government desires, will only make them miserable. Leading to the point that no one would ever think of rebelling due to the thought that the Party’s way of governing is the best and only way. “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” (Orwell,5) is one of the slogans in the book. It is everywhere in Oceania, printed largely on every single item with the face of him on it. It stirs up the fear of obliterated privacy among citizens by alerting them that they are constantly being watched. This slogan also emphasized that they are safe and protected under Big Brother’s regime, believing that nothing can go wrong and they will not have their life without him. Everyone think they are safe, when really, they are far from safe in Oceania. Another power that the Party has in “1984” to limit citizen freedom is through the laws that are strictly implemented but not documented. They cannot be called laws theoretically because it is not written in a system; there is no such thing as a constitution or court in 1984. But the reason why fear is being created through these ‘laws’ is because of the uncertainty that the citizens have to constantly live

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