Willy Loman's Obsession And Necessity

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Willy Loman’s Obsession with Wealth and Popularity The play tells us how a wrong interpretation of the American dream can lead us to a tragedy that in this is case our protagonist, Willy Loman, he is your average American that is chasing his self-idea of the American dream. Death of a Salesman is a book from Arthur Miller that tells us the life of a normal person chasing the American dream. ” The audience never knows what this poor salesman sells. Why? Perhaps Willy Loman represents “Everyman.”. (plays.about.com) Through the play we get to know a lot of Willy Loman, we can know his dreams; his way of thinking and something really important we get to know is his lifestyle and how his dream and pride led him to his end. Willy is a traveling salesman in the area of New England but he is getting old and now he struggles to bring enough money just to maintain his wife Linda and himself, our old protagonist tries to be positive about his future and his wife supports him 100%. Willy has two sons, Biff and happy. “On…show more content…
Ben´s American dream is represented by “the ability to start with nothing and somehow make a fortune”. (plays.about.com) Willy at some point and seeking refuge of his problems he thought of his successful brother “the man knew what he wanted and went out and got it! Walked into a jungle and comes out, the age of twenty one, and he is rich” (Miller 41). For willy, Ben is his ideal of a successful man and because of his parental view willy uses him as his role model and he looks for his approval that’s the reason the willy always tries to impress him and tell him how amazing his sons are and how “successful” he

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