Rashe Character Analysis In A Thousand Splendid Suns

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Throughout the entire novel, readers get the chance to experience Mariam and Laila’s feelings about their husband Rasheed. At one point in the novel, Rasheed buys Mariam things like a scarf, ice cream, and several other gifts. Mariam reacts to the maroon shawl that Rasheed gives her by saying “It’s beautiful” (Hosseini 76) shown through this remark is the fact that Mariam is appreciative of Rasheed’s gift as well as the fact that Mariam is not used to receiving gifts. It would be interesting to see Rasheed’s motive for buying Mariam the shawl, along with the other gifts. Was he buying her the gifts out of true love? Was he buying her the gifts in hopes of bribing her into sleeping with him? Was he buying her the gifts to make her feel more…show more content…
Not giving Rasheed’s perspective is one of the main weaknesses of this novel. Readers also experience situations where Mariam is not so happy about Rasheed’s actions. “Now Mariam dreaded the sound of him coming home… And as her heart pounded, her mind wondered what excuse he would use that night to pounce on her. There was always something, some minor thing that would infuriate him, because no matter what she did to please him, no matter how thoroughly she submitted to his wants and demands, it wasn’t enough” (Hosseini 99) the author includes this paragraph to show how Mariam’s feelings toward Rasheed have changed. Mariam went from being semi-okay with Rasheed actions, to dreading seeing his face everyday. This section of the novel also shows a little about Mariam’s feelings regarding her life so far, it explains Mariam’s feelings of insecurity, because she has never been good enough for anyone; not her mother, nor her father, and now she isn't good enough for her husband either. This foreshadows why Laila and her children become so important to Mariam, as well as telling about Mariam’s need to be loved and

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