Tragic Hero In Macbeth

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William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a story of death and a warning against black magic. It is easy to see Macbeth as the main antagonist, because, after a brief amount of time, he becomes the face of the cast of villains and the focus of the main characters’ anger. Macbeth was not the creator of his destiny and he should not be seen as the enemy. The true antagonists lie behind him in both Lady Macbeth and the three witches. This play shows that Macbeth falls from heroism into villainy. Macbeth was the hero of Scotland at the beginning of the story. That is why he was presented with the title of Thane of Cawdor and Glamis in the first place. Macbeth was always very loyal to his king and fought bravely under his order. He symbolizes nobility and possess virtue and specific characteristics that readers might associate with a tragic hero, in particular a terminal flaw. Macbeth never entertains the likelihood of becoming king or killing his monarch in King Duncan. It is the witches who leave these dangerous thoughts to linger in his mind. These witches take away these characteristics and change him into a terrible human being. He commits murder of King Duncan and puts the kingdom in great danger by this action. Many of his vile actions are committed under his…show more content…
He had no choice but to become king and rule the country. Some people may argue the killing of his former friend Banquo is an example of the villainy that lays beneath Macbeth’s character, but this is not the case. He has reacted like humans do in some situations, by entering a form of survival. He knows he has to be harsh to maintain himself. The presence of the ghosts and his ensuing madness demonstrates he always feels guilty and he never revels in his new position. In many ways, he abhors what he has become and he does not thank the three witches or Lady Macbeth for the parts they played in his

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