The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The fantasy of the American dream lies deeply rooted in our imaginations that lead to failure. In life, it is normal to have a dream. Usually, dreams are people’s get away from life. Sometimes when these dreams take over people’s mind, they tend to forget reality. The idea behind the dream is that if a single person is positively determined, that he/she has a chance of happiness, money, and freedom to go along with it. However, it offers an opportunity of achieving mentally and material joy. Although, it is most common that the dream is set upon reaching a higher standard of living. In The Great Gatsby, a wealth mingler pursues his dream; getting Daisy and in this process he betrays his significance and destroys himself. This theoretically symbolizes of what you already have in life and what you wished he had. In this scenario,…show more content…
The American dream manifests the hope that one can accomplish financial success, political power, and eternal love through handwork and persistence. There are times when reality falls short of expectations, and when people fail to live up to their goals. During the Roaring 20s, people usually masked themselves to hide who they truly were. Some believe that “gambling…corruption…and mad spending” were the only ways to ignore reality (Churchwell 1). This is significant because Churchwell means that money takes place of happiness in life. With that said, the American dream was sought after and dreamed of by many. People came to America for success and freedom and to go after the idea of a “perfect American dream.” Most people want to live a life full of wonder, be released of religious
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