Macbeth Good Vs Evil Research Paper

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Can the main characters possibly play double rolls acting as evil and simultaneously acting as good? This is what we see discussed throughout the novel Macbeth by Shakespeare. In this play good versus evil is one of the most important themes. This play is based around the concept of evil and characters that are evil but also have a good side. Shakespeare is notorious for putting in little characteristics and attributes that will throw the readers and run them astray. This novel portrays the characters as both good and evil throughout, you can see this in the characters the witches, Macbeth and Lady MacBeth as they all play double rolls as heroes and villains. The reason that Shakespeare put in this concept of good versus evil is so that the readers and people analyzing his work can identify and relate to the characters. People find it interesting that evil characters are bound to the morals that most people have such as the good characters in most plays and writings. Evil characters also provide more drama and action to the story and place that makes people drawn in to the excitement that they bring to the storyline. We also find good…show more content…
MacBeth overall becomes evil because he hangs around and put him self with people that aren't the best influences. We see this first with Lady McBeth his wife and the brutal pressure that she puts on him to become king. Macbeth takes many lives throughout this play to game power over the people around him. This is one of the main ways we see the evil characteristic just because his wife is pushing him to be king he has to take the lives of others. MacBeth is continuously pushed towards the aspect of evil until he becomes completely engulfed by it. In the end of the novel he is corrupted by the thirst for power and to be able to rule over people. This is what eventually leads to his death and is a tragic flaw of the main character in this

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