The Geopolitics Of Emotion By Dominique Moisi

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In the book “The Geopolitics of Emotion” by Dominique Moisi, he discusses various issues in the human race. He attempts to map the world according to three main emotions: hope, fear, and humiliation. Moisi clams “But now some Americans are starting to doubt the unique value of America’s individualism.” Moisi is correct in the way that he states some Americans have lost hope in themselves and American individualism, which results in the fading of the American dream. Those Americans Moisi describes are generally individuals who have gone through financial hardships and have a different definition of the American Dream. In the United States, it is a very vague concept, as people tend to input their own perceptions. The American Dream is social…show more content…
Society has developed the concept of social class to categorize people into different groups based on economic, political and socio-economic status (Biebly). America is a place where all individuals are supposed to be equal, but social classes have created a division in the society. In president Obama’s speech, he states “Income inequality produces stagnating wages for middle- and working-class employees, which suppresses overall economic growth, which creates low employment. The capital-owning class spends its income at a lower rate than the working class; that reduces overall demand in the economy, causing low growth and less employment. Slow growth also suppresses public investment in schools and social programs, which create obstacles to social mobility.” Unfortunately, social classes have become the backbone of American society. For example, If an individual has a fairly low social status, the American Dream leads us to believe that we are able to rise from rags to riches and achieve economic prosperity, when the truth is social status is an almost permanent standing and is something not easily manipulated. Therefore, an individual’s social class is a direct reflection of how close or far away they are from the American…show more content…
America over the years has changed their definition of the American Dream from generation to generation. For example an article in the Gale Students resources stated, “People during colonial America wrote about the new experience of equality. In the early twentieth century Americans discovered a shared dream in which citizens worked together to make life better for the American masses. The American Dream transformed into an ideal that relied on people being able to afford all the modern accessories: cars, television sets, and college educations for one's children. Many Americans fueled their purchase of the new American Dream with credit cards, a choice that eventually affected the state of the American Dream” (Cenage Learning). As more people used their credit cards, they accumulated more debt, which later caused a recession over time. Many people had to reprioritize spending needs and wants because they cannot afford any many things as before. Because of the recession, many Americans speculate that the American Dream has become something only few can attain. With the perspective of the American dream changing over time, it has lead individuals to believe that one cannot be successful on their own

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