Knowledge Is A Justified True Belief Essay

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Can we have beliefs and knowledge that is independent of our future? Knowledge first of all can be defined simply as a 'justified true belief.' Knowledge is therefore made up of three elements- justification, truth and belief. For me something can be justified in four ways- language, perception, reason and emotion. For any belief to be considered true should remain true forever. Belief is a subjective requirement for knowledge, this means believing in something is required to qualify it as knowledge. If we know something is true we must believe in it however just because we believe in something doesn't make it true. Three types of beliefs exist for me- a vague belief, a well supported belief and a belief that is beyond reasonable doubt. Even though I agree to the statement of knowledge being a 'justified true belief' in some cases this is not seen, as something can be knowledge however not be a belief. The best example is a nervous student. Assuming a student was taught that Elizabeth is the queen of England, but the student failed to memorise it. When the asked who the queen of England is the…show more content…
How a person feels about something would definitely affect his or her belief. If a person was told to believe that someone is beautiful, their emotions would act to judge this statement and that would consider several factors before finally deciding whether that person is beautiful or not. In this emotions play a role however culture would not affect his decision by much. However these choices are sometimes influenced by culture, in a school where most of the boys would find one girl beautiful then another boy when asked if she was beautiful in his view would say yes. This belief is hence affected by a cultural group, where even if he did not feel as though she was beautiful he would answer yes due to the his belief being influenced by the culture. This would not mean that his emotions have

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