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Compare and Contrast Essay Depression and loneliness are two very common emotions in today’s society. Most people would rather think it would happen more toward a female: that statement is wrong. The song Boulevard of Broken Dreams and the poem The Wanderer give fantastic and comparing facts that depression and loneliness can happen to males as well. This song by Green Day was written in 2006 and was a chart topping hit when it first came out, as with The Wanderer was written in the 10th century by an unknown author. These both work to show and tell emotions in a very unusual usage of wordings, creating two very comparable stories told in their own unique ways. “Lonely and wrenched I wailed my woe” (9) was written in the poem and has a huge similarity to the lyrics “I walk alone” repeatedly said in this Green Day song. These lines and lyrics correlate a strong meaning with one another by stating how alone they are, thus leading to a consequential feeling of depression. Depression can do a lot to one’s mind,…show more content…
His fortune is exile,” (28) is a meaningful quote from The Wanderer stating that no one shall stand beside him because of being expelled from his kingdom or his home. This strongly goes along with the lyrics “My shadow's the only one that walks beside me” from the Boulevard of Broken Dreams stating that this man also walks with no one but his own shadow. Without anyone by their sides, it gives them an extraordinary feeling of loneliness. They will forever know for some reason that until death or being found happiness, they will walk alone. In their eyes, no one will feel and understand the desire they have to find just someone to bring them along and give them happiness. With not even an ounce of hope inside them for that dream to come true, they suffer in their own heads just walking down an empty path leading them to more misery to despair. “Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me”. (Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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