George Wallace's Reaction To 'Seegregation Now, Segregation Forever'

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Segregation began legally in the late 1800’s. As many people know, The Civil Rights movement began when Rosa Parks refused to give her seat on the bus to a Caucasian man. There were many actions that took place during this time, one being the famous Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a Dream”. However, Dr. King was not the only person to have gave a speech during this time era. George Wallace, who happened to be the Governor of Alabama at that time, had also gave a historic speech, which is known as The “Segregation Now, Segregation Forever” speech. For every action, there is a reaction. “I have a Dream” speech was the reaction to “Segregation Now, Segregation Forever”. Although the speeches are similar, they also differ at the same time.…show more content…
Some could say that Wallace stood up for what he believed in. In regards to “Segregation Now, Segregation Forever” one could say that he is inconsistent. Just as Dr. King, Wallace had many followers. However, when you read the “Segregation Now, Segregation forever, you can literally read all of his inconsistencies flowing line after line. For example, “I shall fulfill my duty towards honesty and economy in our state government so that no man shall have a part of his livelihood cheated and no child shall have a bit of his future stolen away”. This is a very powerful statement, but is it the truth? As a Governor, this statement should apply to each and every member of the state of Alabama. When given this speech, Wallace must have forgotten that this should apply to men and woman of color as

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