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Good evening and welcome to today’s debate It has come to my attention that some people in the crowd here tonight believe that Shakespeare is a timeless classic… hahaha what a joke. Tonight I am here to prove that it is out dated and simply… boring. I Larnie Ginn, the first speaker on behalf of the affirmative team am here tonight to argue that the 2011 movie ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’ directed by Kelly Asbury is way sicker and slicker then the original 1968 version. It is Shakespeare for our next and newest generation. To start off with, may I say what a turn out for tonight’s show, didn’t realise so many people have nothing better to do with their time on a Saturday night… Now I know many of you in the crowed are thinking, “Wow who is this quack,…show more content…
Anyone who has taken English class in high school knows how hard it is to sit in class watching ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and have no Idea what they are going on about. Hence why most schools study Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 version. But teens are still struggling. We believe kids need to start studying Shakespeare at a younger age as a stepping stone in to the real deal. We strongly argue that ‘Gnemo and Juliet’ as of next year, should be included in the primary school curriculum. This modernized animated adaption is very broadly based on the classic and delivers the required happy ending without a double suicide to make it suitable for younger students to watch. The two lead gnomes share a fling but, it’s all too brief as their families are rival enemies. For an unexplained reason Montague and Capulet two elderly neighbors hate each other; their chats consist of yelling insults back and forward over the fence. Both men share the same pride of creating beautiful, color-themed gardens: one red and the other blue. Whenever the feuding homeowners leave, their garden gnomes pull a “Toy Story” maneuver and instantly come to…show more content…
The looming influence of Shakespeare is evident right at the start, with a delivery of the original play’s famous prologue. The movie does a very good job balancing excellent comedy and the dignity of Shakespeare. There are even moments in which the writers slip in direct paraphrase of the original Shakespearean language, and it tends to land right on spot. ‘Gnemo and Juliet’ approaches its source of material with whimsical love rather than either excessive devotion or bitter irony because after all it is a kids

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