What Does The Beast Symbolize In Lord Of The Flies

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Man is a very complex animal. He has come all the way from eating grass with rocks to flying across the globe that was once thought to be flat. We still see the savagery of mankind though. In the book Lord of the Flies Goulding uses symbolism that traces the defects in society all the way back to the inception of human nature, then he uses this symbolism to show that everyone is capable of becoming a Nazi. He does this with three main symbols throughout the book, which are; the island its self, the conch shell, and the “ Beast”. These three symbols are subliminally sending hints through the book which traces mankind’s main defects to its initial example. The island the boys land on is one of the largest examples of Goulding’s symbolism that relates to my thesis sentence. Prior to the plane crash the island was perfect. There was…show more content…
The fact remains that one of the major human flaws is the necessity to believe in or fear a superior being, or any being for that fact. These beings are usually mythic to have life or death decision making implications. In Lord of the Flies, the boys feared the “beast”. When these boys saw death they blamed the beast for it. This creates the connection between fear and the beast. When man fears death he is willing to do anything in order to remain ignorant to the fact that eventually they will die. Jack was willing to commit murder in order to pacify the beast that controlled life and death on the island, which furthered his dissension to savagery and his primal ways. So the real fatal flaw that the beast symbolizes if fear, and the things that fear makes you willing to do. So when anyone feels that by becoming a terrorist it will make them live longer, thus lessoning his fear of death then that is what he will do. So the “beast” is exactly that, he is the fear and it can be the death of

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