Emmett Till's Murder Case

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Part A People Legislation Events Little Rock 9 Ex: A group of nine African American students who were enrolled at Little Rock Central High School in 1957. The National Guard prevented them from entering this racially segregated school. Although they were allowed to attend the school, they were viciously bullied. Brown vs. Board of Education A concerned parent named Oliver Brown from Kansas decided that separate schools for Black, and White wasn't working, and bad for society. Blacks were receiving a considerable worse education, in comparison to whites leading to Brown going against the Board of Education. Brown was able to beat the Board of Education thus ending segregation of schools March on Washington The…show more content…
Emmett Till was murdered for flirting with a white women in a grocery store, who in fact was married, the husband responded by kidnapping, and murdering Emmett Till. Emmett Till's murder helped spark the Civil Rights Movement, although his killers were acquitted, his murder helped create the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Joseph Colombo The Italian-American Civil Rights League was created by Joseph Colombo in attempt to combat the stereotypes labelled on Italians, although he in fact a Mob Boss. The Group was able to stop the usage of Mafia in official documents in the Government, and boycotted other companies they felt were stereotyping the Italians. Although his Joseph Colombo’s death the group soon vanished, although it had around 100k members. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 The AwD Act of 1990 is correlates with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but rather instead of dealing with Race, or Colour of your skin, it deals with members of the society who have disabilities, and to ensure that they aren't discriminated because of these disabilities, also the act makes sure that employers need to aid employees with disabilities, and that public sectors were made…show more content…
Nelson Mandela If Martin Luther King Jr wasn't assassinated he would of most certainly became a NM. Nelson Mandela was against the Apartheid in South Africa, because of the racial segregation. Nelson Mandela performed many protests with his group the ANC, which led to him being arrested frequently, but imprisoned as he practised non-violence until he was arrested for treason because of a sabotage campaign. Nelson Mandela spent over two decades in prison until he was freed, but after he regained his freedom he was able to put an end to the Apartheid, and become the First President of South Africa, where he would fix the problems caused by the Apartheid. Abolition of Passes and Coordination Act With the abolition of the Pass Law, and the introduction of the coordination Act required Africans to carry documents, and passes so that they could showcase their origin, race, and sex which would help an act like the Separate Amenities Act because they could ask for your information, and not allow you entry if you didn't meet the requirements. Living Conditions in

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