Heat In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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The rise in heat mostly always triggers more adrenaline and pumps someone up. Just like when school's out for summer break everyone gets excited and ready to have fun. But based on studies done it’s estimated that in 2011 crimes went up in July and August. Something else that comes with summer and runs through some people's brain is homicide. Everyone wonders “Oh,Why did he/she ever do that to someone.” Well it’s very simple people go crazy and wild. Heat makes us go running around like animals doing crazy things. Heat can symbolize many things like hell. Hell is a very big symbol in heat because, hell is hot, and symbolizes all bad and mischievous things. But heat also contributes a lot in Lord of The Flies like when scenes are being described.…show more content…
Heat is also a way of letting us do what our wild side wants us to do; Or our inner demon that wants us to do things we wouldn’t do on a normal basis. The heat is making us shed to undress and let us do stuff as if we were all savages and animals.“There’s something about the discomfort of being hot that makes you see hostility more,” says a Boston Globe Correspondent (Humphries). But why Summer out of all seasons, Maybe because it’s the way people are feeling as if they were free to do anything they wanted. People are really “The Beast” because if we weren’t than there would never be killing’s or any bad news in the world. It’s horrific to understand and see that humanity is indeed a terrible nation. Heat also contributes to the “are you lookin’ at me” effect, as initially proven by Taxi Driver: “Uncomfortably warm temperatures also produce biases in the interpretation of observed social interactions. Specifically, heat seems to increase the likelihood that ambiguous social interactions will be interpreted as having aggressive components” (Moser). Everyone has been through this in a lifetime when you look at someone and instead of smiling or saying hello they give you a dirty look or a why are you looking at me stare. It’s hard to say why they do that but it may be a way that they

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