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Ralph is introduced first in the story. He’s a boy of about twelve, making him the oldest on the island. Ralph is more level-headed than most of the boys on the island. He likes to think things through, and works to keep order and peace among the boys. Although Ralph is a good leader, he is slightly cocky, and not always considerate of others. Piggy is introduced along with Ralph in the very beginning. He wishes to be accepted by his peers, but his asthma, overweight stature, thick glasses, and his seemingly know-it-all attitude keep him from this acceptance. Piggy is willing to be a good friend to anyone who will take him up on the offer, but he remains a scapegoat throughout the novel. Jack is the head of a group of choir boys who emerge…show more content…
Twins named Sam and Eric wake up and mistake the man for the beast. They run to tell the others, and Ralph calls a meeting for the twins to explain what they saw. A small expedition sets out to explore a part of the island which no one has ventured to before now. Their venture ends with little success. Later on that evening, Jack and a few of the boys – including Ralph – go on a hunt. They encounter a boar, but fail to kill it. However, the bloodlust stirred up in the boys does not diminish and a violent reenactment of the hunt takes place. The boys then decide to go to the mountain in search for the beast. Ralph and Jack see the deceased man and also mistake him for the beast. They run back to the group and Jack calls a meeting with the conch shell. He suggests that the entire group should go to the mountain in search for the beast, and also denounces Ralph as being an incapable leader. No one comes to Jack’s defense, and he leaves the group. Later on Ralph realizes some of the group has gone to join Jack. The boys who deserted the group return to steal fire, and invite the group to a…show more content…
Many of the boys descend into savage behavior with the introduction of Jack as their new leader. It is in this group that their violent nature is brought forward. The inner beast which the Lord of the Flies claims they all possess may have already been ready to come forward since they are living in a time of war. Violence would have already been in their hearts, and all it needed to come forward was a lack of authority. Jack in particular struggles with this proliferation of aggressiveness. On the other hand, some of the boys struggle with their incompetence. None of the boys have ever been expected to lead a group of boys with no higher authority to keep things in check. Ralph is put to exactly this task, and often feels like he isn’t an adequate leader, especially when his reign is challenged by

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