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1. The significance of the title, Lord of the Flies, is the destruction and evil in people. Lord of the Flies translates into power and destruction. In Lord of the Flies the boys turn on each other and destruct the land, the title shows the meaning of the story. Lord of the Flies translates to evil in Hebrew as well. 2. He uses the setting to show that they are trapped with little to no resources without any way for people to save them. There is a conflict because there are no adults to set rules and boundaries and the kids do not know how to raise themselves given that they are only 12 or younger. The rescue was ironic because Ralph is running away from the mob of boys who want to kill him and instead of dying Ralph is saved by an officer. I think Golding wanted them to get saved in the end because Ralph saw the beast in humans and he was scared. Golding wanted to show us the evil in mankind and that's what Ralph received…show more content…
I think all people naturally have both good and evil in them. Golding wrote the book with the main characters as children because children are still developing and are more immature. Also the difference perception between right and wrong and children cannot really decipher the difference. Adults also have more experience as to what's right and wrong. Children are still making mistakes and learning. I think Jack represents evil and wrongdoing. i think Piggy represents care and understanding and I think Ralph represents being a leader. 4. Fear does stop the process of things. If you are too scared to do something the process becomes slower and therefore causing a delay in time. An example might be wars that we've had in the past. We are scared of some countries and it takes us a while to figure out what to do. 5. I think the boys did not want to listen to Piggy because of his personality, the way he acted. He acted like a child most of the time, so I think the boys were not interested because they always thought he had something childish to

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