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What problems does robot pets solve? We love our pets but urbanization increases and the human population grows which makes it difficult to give pets the environment they need (Ackerman, 2015). People try to keep the city green and pet-friendly. However, it might be more realistic that pets become a luxury for people who can afford the time and effort. This can be due to the higher ethical and social standards elevated by future societies (Rault, 2015). The use of robot pets can be the solution for that problem. Additionally, some animals cannot be kept as pets. The use of robot technology can make it possible to keep robotic versions of a person’s favorite animal. For instance, panda’s, crocodiles, monkeys, foxes and seals (Rault, 2015). The use of pet robot technology could also help individuals with chores around the…show more content…
The Japanese loved their robot so much that people mourned and grieved about their not working robot pet and thus a funeral was necessary. A priest will release the ‘spirit’ of the robot and after that, the robot can even become an ‘organ donor’ (Brown, 2015). Technological determinism and voluntarism Technical determinism The technology that robot pets provide will not have a large impact on society in the future. The technology in robot pets is designed for entertainment purposes. However, the technology can help people emotionally and practically. People can choose freely what their actions are when using robot pets because a robot does not have feelings. Additionally, people can choose if they accept the technical device emotionally or practically. However, the use of digital pets can have a large impact on real pets in the society of the future. It is possible that people will choice robot pets over real pets, just because it is more convenient. But, society must not underestimate the power of robots and artificial intelligence in general in future

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