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Albert Chen Mr. Hanisch Honors Biology 1 20 October 2014 Franklin Expedition Abstract: As many may remember, the Franklin expedition, led by Sir John Franklin, was a dreadful tragedy. Many await the facts about what caused this horrific tragedy and are waiting for the evidence to be found at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean where the two ships currently reside. With what experts now know about this expedition, people may finally be able to find out what truly happened to the 128 men on the two ships, the Erebus and the Terror. What really happened to this expedition that made it fail? The most probable theories are the unpredictable ice of the arctic and lead poisoning from inside what was a great invention, the tin can. The recovery of this failed voyage will be the next big discovery in the historical world. Problem: From the very start, the Franklin expedition was doomed. The question is, what happened to cause the expedition to fail when it seemed that these men and ships had high hopes of making it safely to the Pacific? This failure was also the worst failure in the history of England for its loss of so many men on just one journey. To hypothesize, this mission failed because of the lack of information of the Arctic and its ice. These men never had the…show more content…
The men on the expedition died because of the harsh winter and lead poisoning. The research and experimentation done by Beattie , Koerner, and Keeleyside. The results revealed by these researchers does not surprise people because the predictions made were pretty close. Finally, after many years, it is fine to say that the main reasons for the failure of the Franklin expedition are not only the thickness of the ice and the cold weather in those three years, but also because of the lead content found in the amazing invention during the time, aluminum cans to store their food in during their harsh journey through the

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