What Being American Means To Me

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Being American can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. But this is what it means to me. Being American means being part of this beautiful country, it doesn't mean being white or believing in one specific belief. My family is from Mexico, but i'm still Mexican American because I was born in this country and my family has made it our home. I believe that being American means being able to embrace this country as yours and your family's because it doesn't matter if you're an immigrant, you're still every bit as important to this country than any other American. For example my family are immigrants from Mexico and we should be treated the same way as people who were born here. My father is a lawyer and I have uncles who are doctors and they help this country so why aren't we always accepted as Americans?…show more content…
are American. But still to this day 100s of immigrants get deported each day, is that fair, is that equality? Helping the people around you is also a big part of being American because we are supposed to help people who don't have the benefits as others, encouraging and empowering the less fortunate. My grandfather was a bracero which was a federal program that needed workers for the agricultural fields because the U.S. Didn't have enough workers so they brought in immigrants, most from Mexico to work. My grandfather did this to help are family to thrive in this country and that's helping his family which I believe is part of being American , the will to fight for your people and family. My family being from Mexico are immigrants and sometimes we are not "part" of this country just because we are Mexican but why? Do we have to be white or be born here to have equal rights. I say no way, because being American means being
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