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It is common to find that most people have little to no knowledge of Native American culture and the conditions in which they still live today. The story “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” shows Native American reservation life through the reconnection between cousins Victor and Thomas. The Main character Victor finds a part of himself that he had lost when he unexpectedly receives a blessing in disguise that is Thomas Builds-The-Fire. I initially chose the story, because the term Native American triggered a curiosity within me. My overall response to the short story mainly included shock, empathy, and hope. When I was looking for a story to choose from, my curiosity was pique when I read the premise of “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona.” I missed out on the chance to learn more…show more content…
“Now, Victor, we’re sorry for your loss and the circumstances. But we can really only afford to give you one hundred dollars” (157). I remember after my father passed, I needed help from the Government to pay for my bills and living expenses. I signed up for a lot of social programs, but received the same kind of rejection. I could barely do what I needed with what was given. The first half of the story introduced a very somber aura with events that allowed me to empathise with the main character. The second half of the story when Victor meets Thomas-Builds-The-Fire triggers feelings inside of me that eventually lead to hope. It can loosely be said that Thomas came to Victor’s rescue. Back when my father had passed, I felt an immense helplessness. Something I had always wished for was a savior, or someone to help pull me out my depression. Seeing Victor reconnect with Thomas gave me happiness, and hope that Victor will get over his problems and move forward. In conclusion, this story contains many events that triggered an emotional response due to past

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