Spanish American Imperialism

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This paper argues the reasons why The Englishmen had to do colonization in the New World. There were many reasons for the English to look for the colonization of this new land. They believed that by doing this, their country would receive numerous benefits. The puritans in specific had a different perspective form all the others. Their main focus was to do it for their religion. The main reasons were religious, political and economic. There were two major powers when Queen Elizabeth the first was reigning the country; Spain and England. Spain was the first to start looking for new places because they wanted to find gold and silver, and because they did it, now it was England’s turn to do it. Even tough gold was not the main reason it was England’s turn. By being rich, Spain was the envy of other European nations.…show more content…
They believed on economic, political, and religious reasons to do colonization. The first one mentioned was to do it for the glory of God, in other words to increase Christianism. English wanted to take their religion to the new colonies. Political reasons were to do it to enlarge the dominions of the Queen Elizabeth I. Economic reasons were to do the colonization to receive more trade opportunities, to give work to the poor, and for the benefit of the merchants. By saying that they will give employment to the poor, they were referring that those individuals would receive work as marines on those long navigations. Since great waste woods are there for oak, cedar, pine and others, people may be employed in the making of ships, boats, hoys, busses etc. Also, they will receive work as
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