What Are The Three People That Influence The Treaty Of Versailles

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Devin Bertrand October 18, 2014 History 7th pd The Treaty of Versailles The treaty of Versailles was the peace settlement signed after World War 1. The treaty was signed near Paris, in the Versailles place. The main three people that influenced the treaty of Versailles were, at the time the best politicians, David Lloyd George, Georges Clemenceau, and one America’s presidents, Woodrow Wilson. They heavily influenced the treaty and were part of the reasons it was even signed. If it were not for those three men World War 2 would not have happened. The treaty should not have been signed and they are the reasons why it was. David Lloyd George, of Great Britain, was concerned on the rise of communism in Europe and was afraid of it might spreading…show more content…
Prime Minister Clemenceau wanted to do one thing in the war. He wanted Germany crushed to its knees so that they could never start a war again. Others thought that these were the decisions of the French people but these were the actual personal thoughts of Prime Minister Clemenceau. In France Clemenceau was called “The Tiger” and him and his followers thought completely alike. Lastly but not least, one of America’s presidents, Woodrow Wilson. Wilson and Clemenceau were the complete opposite. They had total different beliefs. Wilson wanted to avoid all conflicts with everyone. He also introduced the 14 points, which were admired by the Germans. The 14 points were created to put an end to the basic causes of war, like conflicts with imperialism and nationalism. Also called for an end, to control over the seas. League of Nations was also created by Wilson. Wilson was all for the end of war, not the start. These three leaders were huge impacts on the treaty of Versailles. Each and every one of their beliefs and sayings were all mixed in together to create the treaty of Versailles. This treaty eventually led to world war 2. A defeated Germany prepared 20 years before they struck again. And it was because of the treaty of

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