How Did Beowulf Change Over Time

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Beowulf is the epitome of an Anglo-Saxon epic hero. His victory’s over several monsters is a testament to his heroic characteristics. Beowulf is a warrior at heart and has a boastful pride that is befitting thanks to his accomplishments which do back him up nicely. In Beowulf's time people are in need of a strong courageous leader who can defeat vile creatures. As does everyone’s characteristics change over time so do Beowulf's which just like me and you can change through experience and also naturally. One of the key characteristics of Beowulf is that he is human like me and you. People look up to him, some envy him, and children who hear his tales want to grow up to be just like him and when they think about it they realize that Beowulf is human to and if he can do it so can they. Beowulf brings hope to his people and when you know that you have Beowulf fighting for you your confidence is boosted and that is the power of a strong reputation combined with the characteristics of someone you can count on getting the job done. Unmatched strength and seemingly endless stamina two of Beowulf's most important physical characteristics as a great epic hero. During Unferth's challenge Beowulf is described to have raced Brecca who is seemingly his rival in a race across a large body of water. Not only…show more content…
These two things fuel Beowulf's will to fight and lead fearlessly. In the story Grendel is described as a terrible monster feared by all except Beowulf who has the bravery and pride to be boastful about taking on Grendel. When Unferth challenges Beowulf about his race against Brecca throughout the ocean, Beowulf fires back at Unferth with his pride held high, showing that he wont back off from not only monsters but as well as disrespect towards him. These things make people admire Beowulf and are part of the reason why he later becomes a
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