Pros And Cons Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles was the peace treaty at the end of the First World War between the Allies and Germany (Lowe, 1989). The Treaty was drawn up by the leaders of the USA, Germany and Britain, who became known as the "Big Three" (Kelly , Rees and Shuter, 1998). The leaders were: Clemenceau from France; Lloyd George from Great Britain and Wilson from the USA (ibid.). The Treaty was signed on the 28th June 1919 (Sharp, 2008), and had four hundred and forty clauses detailing the terms of Germany's punishment (Martel, 2008). The "Big Three" each wanted different clauses included in the Treaty and had opposing views on how Germany should be treated following the war (Perlman, 2013). Wilson had an idealistic view on the future of Germany, and…show more content…
Although this clause is most commonly referred to when attempting to demonstrate that the Treaty was unfair to Germany, it was actually the country who was most to blame for the outbreak of war (ibid.). It outlined how the war was premeditated by Germany and the allies had the war imposed upon them by Germany and her allies (Slavicek, 2010). This article is often seen as the most controversial part of the Treaty, as it can be argued that Austria-Hungary, Serbia and even the main political powers of the time such as Britain and France all contributed to the start of the First World War (McMeekin, 2014). However, although no one country can be solely blamed for the war, the German government was largely responsible, thus the War Guilt Clause was not unfair to Germany (Hastings,…show more content…
They left in 1933, and unfortunately the League did not have the power or resources to alter the chain of events which happened leading to the outbreak of the Second World War. Nevertheless, although the League of Nations failed to stop the Second World War does not influence whether it was unfair to all the countries. It may have been unfair to not allow Germany to join immediately, but this was resolved at a later date. This article was not significant enough to describe the Treaty of Versailles as unfair to

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