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Birds have sparked people's fascinations for centuries due to a myriad of reasons. Whether it’s the grace, freedom, or environmental contributions, birds are embedded in every culture around the world and heavily influence an ecosystem’s health. Representing the messengers of the gods, birds have the best perspective of the animal kingdom by virtue of soaring the endless sky and exploring the land. Birds also significantly strengthen every day life of humans, not only contributing to the environment but the economy as well. On the grounds of how vital birds truly are, New Mexico’s bird population needs a sufficient amount of water to sustain homeostasis in the environment and the economy. With this in mind, birds are essential to any environment like the Bosque. According to Amanda Walker with the FWS, they consume…show more content…
New Mexico’s desert climate attracts birds that are more tolerant to heat and require less water than others, but water is yet a necessity for all living beings. Birds as a species, do not possess sweat glands, requiring very little water to drink and bathe in. Although, birds lose water by transpiration and their droppings, creating the need to drink at least twice a day. A bird’s diet dictates to amount of water that is needed to survive, since there are copious types of birds, the required water varies. Water is most important in the winter and summer, when weather conditions are more harsh. (Birds and Water) Many of New Mexico’s rivers are in poor health and therefore, water is a big issue for the wildlife. The value of water in the Bosque has outpaced the value of food and land, creating a problem for many farmers. This problem forces farmers to sell their water rights to urban companies, reducing streamflow from rural to urban areas. Since rivers in New Mexico are suffering, the need for birds is more than ever, to monitor what’s changing in the

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