What Are The Consequences Of The French And Indian War

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The conclusion of the French and Indian War was a victory for the British Empire and a loss for the French. It made Britain an “empire on which the sun never sets” the largest empire in the world (Dr. Long). Although the British had once again kept their empire, the war became a turning point in which the colonies began to rebel against taxes, formed groups to establish themselves and move away from British control. Having such a huge empire and an expensive war led to an immense national debt, which they felt the colonist should help pay for. Groups such as The Sons of Liberty were formed, which led to unity in the colonies against their common foe the British. With the passing of the French and Indian war, war had not subsided within the colonies, the indians were devastated…show more content…
“Shawnees, for instance, demanded to know “by what right the French could pretend” to transfer their ancestral lands to the British” (Brown,179). Disputes on land led to the British government issuing the proclamation of 1763, which drew an invisible line that the colonist could not cross to make the indians content. But, this did not stop land-hungry settlers and was one of the first in a series of efforts by the British government to control the colonies. King George III, with debt still on his mind, hired a man called Grenville to tighten and enforce the navigation acts, salutary neglect looked like it was soon to be gone. This did not stop many smugglers; they still found ways to get the products into North America either by finding another route or paying off the guards to look the other way. Grenville,

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