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Wes Moore was born in 1978. Wes and his sisters were raised by their widowed mother. Moore graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University in 2001. After his studies, Wes joined the military and later became a best selling author. Wes set up many foundations to improve college education. Wes Moore is a very influential author and highly decorated veteran who helps promote college level education to improve knowledge, making a difference in his community and encouraging others to do the same in their own communities. Wes Moore cares about education for everyone, eventually leading to him founding organizations that helped improve college education. I respect that one person is willing to make a difference for kids and young adults looking to enhance their mental capacity. Wes Moore stated in his…show more content…
The IAVA is the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Wes Moore is apart of the board of directors in the organization. Wes was apart of the military for a very long period of time, having an appreciation for veterans like himself, leading him to become involved with the IAVA. I believe it is good that wes helps out in his community, and encourages many others to support the veterans, and for me personally I have relatives that are retired veterans so I have a lot of respect and support. Beth Hawkins stated in the article, “The Wes Moore's: two fatherless boys, two very different paths.” Hawkins says that, “By 12, he was also in trouble, skipping school and getting arrested for spraying graffiti. Joy Moore begged his grandparents to take out a loan against their house so she could send him to a military boarding school.”(Hawkins) This created Wes Moore's’ new found love for the military after the camp. He joined the military, and after his long journey worked with the IAVA to make a difference and help veterans. He inspired thousands with the help of the IAVA to help out with project and make a change in their own

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