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What advantages could bipedalism have provided for our ape ancestors? Bipedalism is one of the earliest feature that was developed for are hominid ancestors that put us apart from others. This feature provided to our ancestors with the ability to walk on two legs separating our early lineages from others that continued to walk on all fours. Bipedalism was likely developed because of it having had many advantages to the alternative walking on all four legs. This includes the fact that bipedalism opens up hands which provided the door to more development. For this reason bipedalism provided a means for hunting and gathering for our early ancestors. Bipedalism moved the head and field of vision for are early ancestors providing more height to…show more content…
This means that bipedalism also could be the cause for the increased intelligence that separates us from other early lineages. Another great feature of bipedalism is that it is an energy saver due to the fact that humans can use far less energy walking in an upright position than creatures that walk on all four legs. This provided means for our ancestors to develop and create as well. The humans have more energy to spend doing more and providing themselves with more possessions. The possessions also provided the means to study our early ancestors through fossilization and remains. Our early ancestors also were given the opportunity for fire development. Bipedalism provided the means to collect wood and be able to start the fire and keep the fire for other uses. The fire also was used for cooking food which increased energy levels in early hominids to whole to heights. Bipedalism was also developed likely to the fact that our ancestors changed location constantly as they developed. Different environments and changes in weather were put upon our ancestors. So the upright position provided less exposure to weather changes. Our ancestors also changed location consistently because of the hunt for

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