Treaty Of Versailles: What Caused World War II

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What Caused WWII War is a terrible thing, and should never be wanted. The Treaty of Versailles was a written agreement which Germany would have to follow after it lost WWI. The Treaty of Versailles took place after World War one in France on June, 28, 1919. No one could've expected that the Treaty of Versailles would have such a bad turn out, because the Treaty of Versailles was supposed to keep the peace. This essay will explain how the Versailles Treaty helped cause World War Two. This harsh treatment can be seen especially in three areas: Payments, loss of territory and blamed for damage. One way the Versailles Treaty treated Germany harshly was the mass amount of territory taken from germany. In the German Territorial Losses Map it clearly states the massive loss of Germany’s land. Many German civilians are angered by this, but one decided to do something about it. His name is Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler published Mein Kampf (“My Struggle”) in 1924. In “My Struggle” Hitler illustrates his anger and compassion to fight for his land back: “No…show more content…
In article 232 the allies state “‘... require, and Germany undertakes, that she will make compensation for all.’” this made Germany very upset due to the fact that while they were struggling to pay for repair to fix up their country; now they have to pay for the damages of other countries. From the source Victory Must Be Ours contains a sentence that shows how much of Germany hated the treaty. “The Allies continued in the years 1919 to regard the [Versailles] Treaty as an international contract… but most Germans saw it as an atrocious injustice, an evil thing which must be destroyed.” The evidence supports the idea that the blaming Germany for the damages helped cause World War two because it was a lot to take on for Germany considering that they have their own problems to deal

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