Was Martin Luther King Justified

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Throughout history, many events have changed the world; some for the better, and some for the worse. Occasionally, these events are unlawful, but often necessary at the same time. Therefore, civil disobedience absolutely can be justified. Martin Luther King is often referred to as one of the most successful protest leaders and orators in history. He was a major influence in the African-American civil rights movement and led many protest events such as boycotts and sit-ins. King is known for his successful protests; especially because they were non-violent. He organized many illegal protests and boycotts which all used non-violence as the means of reaching their goals. Although King’s events often were illegal, they served their purpose. And for that reason, I believe it is okay to justify civil disobedience. Civil disobedience can be justified in many ways. In numerous cases, the law is wrong as they were voted in by the controlling elites of a country. In reference to the Civil Rights Movement, the government had laws in practice that if viewed today are not morally sound.…show more content…
Dr. King’s injustice was a necessary step to justice in a time when politicians did not take Negro’s seriously. This led to countless attempts by protestors to eradicate racial injustice, which always ended in failure. Oftentimes, protestors failed because of their engaged techniques. They often employed techniques at their protests, which regularly included violence and harm. This was non-beneficial as it was much easier for police to simply arrest a violent protester than it was to end a peaceful protest. Dr. King realized this fault, and with the guidance of experienced civil rights activist, Bayard Rustin, implemented peaceful protesting. Although illegal, this was essentially one of the final tools left in the toolbox. It just happened to be the most beneficial tool in regards to moving
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