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Martin Luther King’s Leadership Introduction: Martin Luther King is considered, by many, a great leader. He has many of the qualities that leaders all have. Although he was in jail, he was able to rally his troops in the time of need. A true leader puts his followers before himself, and that is exactly what Martin Luther King Jr. did. Furthermore, Mr. King shared his vision and carried it out. To be a leader, a person must have a vision and go after it. Martin Luther King did just that. Models the Way: Martin Luther King was able to lead his followers toward a better understanding of his vision through his effective leadership. While Mr. King was in jail, he was still vigilantly defending his cause. King did not just advocate nonviolent protests, but he also practiced them as well. He modeled the way in which he wanted others to follow him by. Martin Luther King provided the structure for the vision and gave his followers everything they needed to succeed. He wanted the cause of equality and justice to be won by peaceful protest. In his letter, King urged his fellow activists to join him in nonviolent protests, in order to cause tensions, so the issue can be brought to light and eventually be resolved. Inspired a…show more content…
Good leaders must also inspire others to see what they see with as much enthusiasm. Martin Luther King was able to motivate thousands of people to make his vision their vision also. He used many phrases and experiences that had been used to put people down over the years to cause a reaction from his audience. After he showed how hurtful the comments and situations were, King justified his cause to make his ideas stronger and with a more personal touch. He brought up a situation people would identify with, and what he was saying, so they would experience what he is feeling. King motivated so many others to stand up for justice, who would have not stood up otherwise, and gave them a

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