Shakespeare's Speech: The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar Essay Blaize Madrid-Evans March, 1, 2016 ELA 2 The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar By:William Shakespeare In act Three scene three I see more character development and passion I have seen in the entire play up to that point of reading. I say this because scene III consist of the funeral speeches for Julius Caesar given by Brutus and Mark Antony. When reading both speeches I see many things I found interesting in the way they gave the speech moving whole crowds in just a few sentences persuading people to think differently from their original beliefs. The question that is being asked in this essay is who of the two men did the best job of giving their speech to the crowd. Starting with how both men stood while giving…show more content…
I bring this up because of the importance it brought to both speeches with Brutus showing and telling the people of rome that one day they might have to use that very same dagger on him which showed he was willing to die for Rome and it people which was a huge part of his speech and what he aimed to achieve was to show Rome that he was willing to do whatever it took to see it become the superpower of the world. After this Mark Antony brought forth the will of Caesar hinting at reading it to the crowed which fired up the crowed making them more and more interested by the minute he did this to grab them and pull them in which of the beginning of his speech to the end he did amazingly. Bring a whole new meaning to the pen is mightier than the sword,After reading the will which included giving Caesars wealth and many parks and estates to the people of Rome the crowd was ecstatic. They revolted on the spot which thinking about it all along was Mark's plan the people of Rome attacked seeking out the conspirators and killing them. With the death of the conspirators it’s very clear who gave the better speech. Mark Antony did everything right playing his hand perfectly he followed Brutus’s rules to the tee but still managed to bring the crowed to understanding. He pulled them in from the beginning and

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