Julius Caesar: A True Villain

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We all know how villains are portrayed in movies and on television. They wear dark clothing, some have fancy accents, a signature scar, or maybe even an eye patch. Here’s the thing, there isn’t anyone in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar who looks like that. To be honest, there isn’t one set main villain either. If you were to ask someone who has read this story before who they thought the main villain was, there would be a good chance that they would say Brutus. Brutus might appear to be a villain by the people he hangs around and also because he killed the beloved Caesar . Still, Brutus was never a true villain. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Brutus always did what he thought was best and stuck with what he believed throughout the entire play.…show more content…
Even people in the play who disliked Brutus couldn't help admitting to him being honorable, Mark Antony (Antony) was one of Caesar's closest allies.When he found out about Caesar’s death he was heartbroken. Although Brutus was upset, he still brought up how Brutus was an honorable man at Caesar’s funeral. “But Brutus says he was ambitious, And Brutus is an honorable man” (873). Even after Brutus just assassinated Antony’s friend, Antony still says Brutus was an honorable man. While some people call Brutus evil, or a villain, they still can’t help but admit that whatever Brutus does he does it with

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