Was John Brown A Hero?

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John Brown was an American abolitionist who was strongly against slavery and had conducted many different movements to try and abolish it. His hatred of slavery began when he was a young boy for the reason that his father also hated slavery. Many believe John Brown was a hero in the eyes of a slave but that did not excuse the bloodshed and violence he had done while trying to accomplish his goals. I believe John Brown was a hero with what he tried to change but it was not right to kill others to get to his goals even if we must fight for our beliefs. I think in order to gain peace and freedom between the slaves and the free he should have used peace it self. Thus since he had used violence as his outlet of gaining slaves freedom I would say he was a murderer in numerous ways.…show more content…
This event occured on May 24, 1856 it was an event where John Brown and his group of abolitionist settlers killed five settlers north of Pottawatomie Creek in the Franklin County of Kansas. Although this was just one of the bloody events John Brown was initiated in. Many now viewed him as a murderer. Stephen B. Oates Harper and Row stated “The men said that Brown did not commit any of the actual murders himself, but he was their leader and made the decisions as to who should be killed and who was to be spared. In other words Stephen B. Oates Harper and Row believe that even though he did not commit the murders himself the men still believed he was held accountable due to the fact that he was the leader who stated who should be

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